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Monthly Car Hire

Renting a vehicle on a month to month basis (30 days) is a lengthy process and takes a lot of your time as finding the desired rate to suit your pocket is imperative and this process to find the required rate should NOT be a tiresome one, that’s why monthly car rental is the solution to your problem. We are here to help and to offer you the best Long Term Car Rental rates in Johannesburg South Africa as we are the number one Monthly car hire company in Johannesburg.

Monthly Car Hire is a division of Exeque Car Rental and thus we are not a broker as we own and maintain our own fleet of new vehicles as we like to put the safety of our customers first when renting on a long term car rental basis. Apart from the fact that we own new vehicles we offer specials from time to time on monthly car rentals with us and this should be queried before booking a vehicle by contacting monthly car hire and speaking to one of our friendly agents who will assist you with what you require.
Another added benefit of Monthly car rental is that we assist customers who don’t own a credit card as our primary payment method is “CASH” because we are a cash car rental company.
When renting a vehicle from Monthly car hire we have easy process that we work towards, because we are accepting cash we require certain documents to confirm your rental.

These document s are as follows:

• Valid Unendorsed drivers licence ( Please note that our minimum age for Monthly car rentals are 21 years and need to have owned a drivers licence for a period of 2 years)
• Valid South African ID book
• Proof of current address
• Proof of employment (Payslip)
• One month’s bank statement

Once we have received all your documents we take a time period of about 1 hour to process and then we can assist you with a vehicle.

Our Long term car rental fleet includes low mileage latest model vehicles from economy- budget range vehicles to 10-seat buses and bigger cars with more space and luxury.
When renting a vehicle on a monthly basis from Monthly Car Hire please note that once your rental runs for a period of more than 3 months concurrently we will discount your rate even further as we reward our loyal customers by offering them an added benefit by saving them money.

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All of the above constitutes a brilliant car hire experience which makes Monthly Car Hire the company to rent from so don’t delay call us today on 010 235 0898 or click on the below link to book a vehicle.